Animeloop Beta

Animeloop-web-nuxt is an open-source web app built with Nuxt.js, aims to provide better experience than the original Animeloop-server.
Currently serves as Animeloop Beta.

Animeloop belongs to MOEOVERFLOW organization, the main goal is to collect some interesting loop fragments in Japanese anime video. All of the content of the site is generated by animeloop-cli. As you can see, the fragments that are currently generated are not much ideal, and the algorithms are constantly being slowly optimized.

This site has a set of automated procedures (automator) in the background server running at day and night, the speed for generating new content is about two season anime per one day.

Currrently the new content source to generate provided by administrator manually, and in the future, the source will be added by automator from etc with a full Automator.

Site development plan, at this stage, the main focus on the development of server automation, the goal is high stability in the automatic operation.

In addition, special thanks to provided by the animation screenshot recognition service support. Thanks to 呆萌ちゃん for Japanese translation, POJO for French translation.